About Us

Our mission is to Interact with our community through the love of wine!


At Urban Wines and Spirits our goal is to provide a well curated selection at a great value, while striving to provide exceptional customer service.


Located in the heart of the East Village, we started with a simple idea and that is to be a direct source of quality wines and spirits to our neighborhood, while having a knowledgeable staff the can provide great ambiance and a memorable experience.


A wine shop run by passionate wine lovers resulted in the space we have today. It is a store that emphasizes diversity of items that represent where they were produced and the dedicated labor that went into crafting each of the items on the shelf.


When it comes to our wines, the majority of our selection is composed of products that are made with heart and soul by small producers from all over the world. These producers don’t view their wines and spirits as mere commercial goods, but as products created with the help of nature. Most use sustainable, organic, or biodynamic farming practices. Many also use minimal chemical manipulation, which results in natural wines that may only be gaining popular recognition now, but have been the traditional method of production for many of these winemakers since their very beginnings. 


Our spirits selection also focuses on independent distilleries and small batch projects that are crafted with the end consumer in mind. We highlight producers that use heritage crops, like heirloom corn for bourbon, and non-GMO grains for other spirits. We like to feature obscure and unusual brands that are sometimes hard to find, and new items for our customers to try without feeling overwhelmed. 



To be truly integral to our community we are tasking ourselves to be on the frontline supporting our local producers and projects. We encourage feedback, suggestions and requests. Come over to Urban and enjoy our fantastic selection!